About Us

Under the direction of and accompaniment by Dr. Valerie Long, Les Ms. Choir is recognized for its high quality music and unique performance style. Delivering an eclectic repertoire that spans from sacred music and spirituals to traditional, pop and vocal jazz, Les Ms. performances are known for their high energy presentation style and engaging audience connection. It is this exceptional style of choral music presentation and love of music that make performances by Les Ms. so unique, entertaining and memorable. 

Les Ms. takes great pride in its performances with other local choirs, particularly for events benefiting the community. The group's anchor event, Les Ms. & Friends Sing for Care, was created ten years ago as an annual benefit concert to support the H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation’s Patient and Family Support Fund. Every year, the event provides an exciting opportunity to highlight and celebrate other choral ensembles and musicians as they come together to share their gifts of music in the spirit of collaboration and good will.

Please visit lesms.ca  for further information. 

Les Ms. & Friends Sing for Care is proud to have contributed over $166,000 to the Bliss Cancer Care Centre Patient & Family Support Fund.